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About us

Children may attend Russian school as early as the age of four, under the condition of the constant support and personal involvement of the parents. The school instructs its students in the Russian language based on lesson plans of elementary-level Russian schools, which is adopted through the conditions of immigration. The highest level of our program helps children to develop intellectually, learn to perceive the world and what’s happening in it from a Biblical point of view.

Goals and the objectives of the School:

  • Children four to five years of age improve their language vocabulary as well as compose sentences before learning the alphabet. They also learn to develop their coherent speech, logical thinking, memory and attention span, graphic skills, and proper hand use.
  • Children six to ten years of age learn how to read, write, and put their thoughts together in order to compose stories.
  • Children eleven years of age and older learn the basics of phonetics, grammar, and word formation.
  • Encourage love for the Russian language.
  • Learn to read the Bible in the Russian language.
  • And, in the midst of all the education, children are taught how to communicate God’s truth and promote Christian characteristics in their behavior.

At school, the following lessons are tought:

  • Cyrillic Alphabet
  • Counting Numbers
    (Forward and Backward)
  • Writing
  • Language Arts
  • Development of Speech
  • Reading
  • Literature
  • Lessons from the Christian Parenting

The process of education in the school is accompanied by the spiritual and moral attributes that are based on Biblical principles that are intended to contribute to their spiritual growth.

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