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Payment Information

Terms of payment in Russian School

Parents pay their children’s education, supporting the school financially. The school was founded on a voluntary basis and is not funded by the government or any other institution. Money allocated for the improvement of the curriculum, purchase of textbooks, encouraging students, staff pay
and other needs of the school.

  • Tuition:

First child – 100%
Second child – 100%
All subsequent children from the same family – 50%

  • Monthly payment:

Members of the Church of Salvation – $ 40
All others – $ 60

  • Fee:

One time fee of $5 for registering (required for enrollment).

  • Payment schedule:

Prior to August 1 – make a payment for September and October (required for enrollment)
Until October 15 – make a payment for November and December
Until December 15 – make a payment for January and February
Until February 15 – make a payment for March and April
Until April 15 – make a payment for May

  • Payment in the form of check or money order, example made by the model:


The sending address for the filled out check is listed below:
Russian School
P.O. BOX 471865
Charlotte NC 28247

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